“I always knew that the ordinances performed in the temple are too sacred to talk about. To know what they are, I would have to wait to go through them myself. But I never could have imagined they’d be so strange and invasive.

Ever since I got to the temple, my leaders keep telling me to do things that are wrong. But I know I have to sustain them and do what they say.

I tried to run away, but that was stupid. There’s no way out of the temple. I won’t be allowed to leave until I submit to my leaders.

After getting violated by Sister Parker and Sister Rey on the mercy seat, I’m ready to humble myself and accept whatever punishment President Oaks thinks I deserve.

My pussy still aching from what the girls did to me, I’m led back to the basement. But it’s Brother Rey who’s waiting for me, at the end of some weird, awful bench with giant black spikes on it.

‘Sister Leigh, come in,’ Brother Rey says in a creepy voice. ‘As you can see I have a nice little set up for you here. We need to prepare you for your husband.’

I genuinely don’t know what he’s talking about. ‘What am I supposed to do?’

He says, ‘You can start by removing your apron. Toss it over there. Now go ahead and start penetration with the first one down there.’ When I hesitate, he insists. ‘Go ahead.’

Nobody could get all of these giant pegs inside of them, I think. I only get three-quarters of the way to the end. The big black fist is way too big for my pussy. I tell him I can’t do it, even though I know he’s just going to make me suck his dick.

But after gagging on those giant black pegs, sucking on his huge dick isn’t so bad. In fact, I kind of like it. I take all the way down my throat, until I feel like I might barf. When I pull it out it’s dripping with my spit.

Maybe if I stop resisting, I can earn their love and trust.

I can tell he likes it. He’s moaning, and I can taste the pre-cum leaking out of his hard cock.

Now that I’m not resisting him, I understand how much fun it is to get my throat fucked with an amazing dick.

Still, I’m not prepared for him to pick me up, flip me upside down, and bury his face in my pussy while I’m choking on his dick. I let out a little squeal of surprise, but I love letting him take charge.

Maybe being their little sex toy isn’t so bad after all.”

– Sister Dolly Leigh

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