“I may be married to Brother Steele, but it’s his dad that I want.

I should have known I’d fall in love with President Oaks when he took my virginity in his office – even though I hated it at the time. When I climbed down from his desk, my pussy sore and my mouth full of his cum, I’d never hated anyone so much in my life.

And the sickest part was that he let his son watch the whole thing, and then told me that I had to marry him.

I was so grossed out that I tried to run away after my new husband used me in the temple bed. But President Oaks found me, and I had never even imagined the things he made me do then in the dark temple basement.

But as I’ve been molested by one priesthood leader after another, my feelings have changed.

I was a virgin when I came to the temple, but I must secretly have been a nasty little slut somewhere deep inside. Because whatever outrageous and degrading acts they make me perform, I love them. The filthier, the better.

I love getting fucked with a big cock. I love it when a girl grinds her pussy on my face. I love being called names, being slapped, being spat on. I love having my body used by several men or women at once.

And the more submissive I am, the more eager to get fucked, the more approval I get from my leaders.

I’ve been called in for a family breeding, and I’m going to show President Oaks just how good I can be.

Now that President Oaks has taught me about plural marriage, I see how happy it will make me. Especially time I get with him.

His son may be my husband, but I’ll always be daddy’s little girl.”

– Sister Dolly Leigh

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