Nothing happens in the temple without President Oaks’s knowledge. When Dolly decided to run away, he knew about it before her husband, his step-son Brother Steele. It was President Oaks who tracked her down to the temple’s dark basement, and dragged her out of hiding by her hair.

President Oaks handed the terrified girl to Alison and Zoe for punishment on the Mercy Seat, while he considered what to do with her.

Alison and Zoe spanked and degraded and fucked the remorseful girl, ignoring her whimpers and pleas for help, forcing her to orgasm. And then they left her there, naked and drenched in her own spit and their pussy juice.

What concerns President Oaks most is that Dolly doesn’t respect his son the way she should. To be honest, he wasn’t the best father. He has so many kids with so many women that his son always thought he was distant and scary.

But he knows that if his boy would just show the firmness he should, the pretty young girl would worship him and do anything he asks. President decides that the best way to teach his son how to treat the girl is a hands-on demonstration.

He has Dolly and his wife Kara strip naked and wait for his command. Then he invites his unsuspecting son to sit beside him on the temple couch.

“Come here son. We need to have a chat.”

Brother Steele is happy to have his father’s full attention, but a little nervous too. “About what?”

“Yesterday your wife tried to escape. I found her in the basement.”

The boy is surprised and embarrassed. He doesn’t know what to say. He can see how disappointed his dad is.

When President Oaks sees that his boy isn’t going to say anything, he continues. “It’s clear to me you don’t know how to treat her, so I’m going to show you.”

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