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Mormon Girlz – Kara blackmails Brother Rey


“Brother Rey has a dirty little secret. He thinks he got away with abusing his priesthood authority, but I know what he did.

Mormon Girlz – Family Breeding – Dolly, Zoe & Alison


“I may be married to Brother Steele, but it’s his dad that I want. I should have known I’d fall in love with President Oaks when he took my virginity in his office - even though I hated it at the time. When I climb...

Mormon Girlz – Family Council – Dolly & Kara


Nothing happens in the temple without President Oaks’s knowledge. When Dolly decided to run away, he knew about it before her husband, his step-son Brother Steele. It was President Oaks who tracked her down to the tem...

Mormon Girlz – Dolly: Disciplinary Action


“I always knew that the ordinances performed in the temple are too sacred to talk about. To know what they are, I would have to wait to go through them myself. But I never could have imagined they’d be so strange and...